New Warhammer Quest Tool

December 16, 2010

I don’t know if there is much demand for customised Warhamer Quest dungeon cards, but I’ve created an online tool that allows you to create new dungeon cards. Just find the file you want to appear on the card, fill in the title, room description, any special information and room type and click upload.

Create your own dungeon card

If you find the tool useful let me know and I’ll look at making a tool for creating magic and event cards too.

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Rewriting the old school

August 9, 2009


For the people that went to school with me (17 years ago) they may remember a game called Snake. The objective was simple move the snake around with the arrow keys and eat the apples (your snake got longer). The game was seen as a waste of school resources and banned…this didn’t stop me from writing a replacement. Having taken a trip down memory lane I thought it might be fun to rewrite the game in Flash (….I must be bored). Anyway here it is Snake for Flash

Stay tuned for my next experiment….a Flash game for the Wii

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