What we all need right now

September 22, 2011

What we all need right now is to feel better about our selves. I know that sounds hard with the economic situtation the way it is but hear me out. Take what you’ve heard about banks and money and put them on the back burner because what really matters is people; you, me, bankers even politians. You might be thinking what do people have to do with money well….everything, the people trading on the floors of our markets are people just like you and me. What they need right now is the feel better about themselves, to feel happy and confident about what they’re doing. When they aren’t happy the markets struggle.

How do we ordinary people fit in, unsurprisingly money, we spend it and it makes the economy go round, I understand this is difficult because we’re all worried about what will happen to our jobs. In lies the problem we are making things worse by not spending, the countries growth requires us to buy things, lets face it the money is making you any more in the bank is it? You might as well have the things you want.

So how can we feel better, my first thought is an easily accessible one, more pop music, so roll on X Factor give us something fun to listen to. Or how about some home improvements maybe the BBC will give us some new shows to enjoy, where we live has a great impact on how we feel so a spruce up might do just the job.

I imagine you can think of lots of other ways of feeling better but it’s what we should all be aiming for.

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February 15, 2011

If I’ve learned anything from life it’s that though many questions should never be answered, many more should never be asked.

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January 6, 2011

I know the anger that dwells in a mans heart for I see it in myself.
During times of great frustration it threatens to overwelm us.
Do we keep it in check knowing the regret we will feel should we rage against the world.
For all that civilised men do to quell these feelings, it lurks, waiting to be called.
It is an anger that can only be soothed by the flames or war.

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Revenge is a fire that offers no warmth, it can only ever burn you.

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